1)Futile attempt at making France feel powerful.
2)The concept of giving Belgium the same power as the United States of America and hoping it all works out.
3)The only thing allowing a coalltion of 45 countries to be called "unilateral military action"
by Ebot March 21, 2003
one of the worst terrorists you could ever imagian. NATO acts the role of the Worldpolice men and try to make "peace" around the world. im not going to explain everything becasue it will go on for ten pages, so i will try to be brief.
the bombings of Yugoslavia were not strictly aimed at military and strategic targets as claimed by NATO. They are largely intent on destroying the country's civilian infrastructure as well as its institutions. According to Yugoslav sources: "road and railway networks, especially road and rail bridges, most of which were destroyed or damaged beyond repair, suffered extensive destruction". Several thousand industrial facilities have been destroyed or damaged with the consequence of paralysing the production of consumer goods. According to Yugoslav sources, "By totally destroying business facilities across the country, 500,000 workers were left jobless, and 2 million citizens without any source of income and possibility to ensure minimum living conditions". Western estimates as to the destruction of property in Yugoslavia stand at more than US$ 100 billion.
NATO used DEPLETED URANIUM radioactive ammunition prized as a "tank killer" and deplored as a long-term threat to human health. And also NATO used the dangerous Cluster bombs. A serbian women was buying vegetables in a crowded marketplace in the Serbian town of Nis. It was May 7, 1999, 11:20am. This is the busiest time of day for the marketplace. At this time from the safety of unreachable heights NATO cowards dropped cluster bombs into the market.This women died slowly from her wounds. Her murderers are still at large. Guess what, because the NATO pilots are American their acts of mass murder will not be judged by the Hague "Tribunal."
this is a good example in most people's opinions that NATO and america are the terrorists.
by CrnaStrela August 22, 2005

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