North Atlantic Treaty Organization, made to unite nations and give peace, but mysteriously makes bullet calibres.
The M-14 fires the Standart 7.62x39mm (NATO)
by 1337 June 01, 2003
1.) Not Able to Organize

2.) Never At The Office

Kid: (to fellow brat) Hey man, isn't your dad supposed to pick up stuff at the Exchange for us?
Fellow Brat: Nah, hes under the NATO chain of command, remember?
Kid: ahhh yes...
by afsouth September 18, 2003
'Nato' is generally a term used when a boy likes partying on a sunday morning as apposed to your usual saturday nights. He is relatively clumsy too - he's the boy who might fall off a balcony for no apparent reason. Nato is derived from the Latin word 'Natogalia' which means 'to bump your head.'
"Wow, Nato was at the disco-tech until 2 pm!"
by Lindsay Bain May 03, 2005
a very amazing person that travels the world and is very hot.
Man did you see nato? shes so tan she just got back from egypt!
by Hoo3ayr November 28, 2005
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