A group of no talent white boys who think they're black and dance around like faggets.
Hey, lets go beat the shit out of kids who listen to N*sync!
by oj the murderer September 12, 2003
An adjective meaning moronic, retarded, pointless and utterly a waste of life. Originated from the boy-band of the same name, who possessed all the aforementioned characteristics.
The new band was totally N*sync. They sucked!
by Kasper2 July 21, 2005
Take 5 faggots, show them how to lip-sync, put them on stage in front of 33287497598437598437 10 year old girls, teach them how to dance like fucking retards, and you got n*sync. also see

syn: faggots pedophiles gays talentless doushe bags
ant: heterosexual talent good music good bands
n*sync is a 5 fag pedophiles who touch themselves at night.
by TheGreatGeno April 22, 2007
One of those awful boy bands. Contrary to popular belief, only one of them is gay (not that that matters). Only of particular interest to shallow little teenagers.
That's an N*Sync song. Change the station!
by Qit July 26, 2006
Any gay male, any efeminate male
Dude 1: Do you see that guy making time with your girl?
Dude 2: No worries, he's N*sync.
Dude 1: Cool, I didn't know he was gay,I thought he played for our team.
by bif January 06, 2006
Where your dirty dishes are
I dunno why, but are the clean plates are N*sync.
by wetherjenius November 02, 2006
Ancient meaning: An untalented group of gay male performers who made their money by fooling pre-teen girls into buying their records.

Modern Meaning: A bunch of people widely regarded as assholes who think its funny to steal from kids.
Dammit, isn't that N*sync over there, goddam are they ripping off those children and stealing all their money, we should do something about that
by bottletop January 01, 2008
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