person whos addicted to myspace
someone A:"all david does all day is upload pics to myspace"
someone B:"ya cuz he's a savyon emo and a myspace whore"
someone A:"i know... he's mega gay"
by yoav koko January 16, 2008
Ugly people (usually UGLY teen girls), that are always on myspace and have 11112212989890824924920348 comments, and always are posting up new pictures and posting new bullitons about them and asking for comments. common myspace whore lingo: pc4pc, s4s, talk, new pic, plz comment, IM BORED (no duhhh), who wants to hang out today (no one! your a loser).
Geez...that girl is such a myspace whore.
by Caleb Krywenko July 01, 2007
someone who is addicted to myspace....their name might start with a "F"
and they might make a myspace for their cat... and they usuly refer to something to something over/on myspace in a conversation in person
Felicia your a fucking myspace whore XD
by juggalo_d January 31, 2009
Someone who spends a lot of their time adding "friends" on the popular website Myspace. (

see also: Danielle Strader
Danielle is such a myspace whore!
by Danielle Marie August 17, 2006
a concsided girl that loves to go and pose her way into popularity`by exposing herself onto the petifile hungry website "myspace".
that faggot is a myspace whore.
by ivette July 18, 2006
Okay, so there have been countless number of posts on this phrase. Most of them have been negative.
Myspace whores do have real friends, they choose to go on MySpace a lot. They expand their network by adding more people, and the more friends you have, the more 'superior' you are.
To some this is pathetic, to some this is a way to pass time and kill boredom.
We all don't want to be out all the time, it does rain.
And so what if they ask for picture comments, if they put the effort into taking a decent picture and editing it, what's wrong in expecting people to put half the effort back in and commenting it.
You people are only jelous because all your pictures have been taken with a shitty webcam and Photoshop can't make you look any more attractive than you are cos it's not possible.
So leave the people of MySpace alone, and on almost every 'MySpace whores' profile it does say somewhere;
I post a lot of bulletins. If you've got a problem, delete me.
MW: Shut up. I can do what I want. If you have a problem with my bulletins or pictures, delete me.
Kid: Why don't you just kill yourself cos you've got no life?
MW: I do have a life. It's just it's raining today and none of my friends are out, so why should I be?
Kid: Oh.
by Scottsuicide August 21, 2007
A Person On MySpace That Has Over 1K (or 1,000) Friends & Talks To Every Single One, KNows How To Make Layouts From Scratch, Knows More Than Tom Probally, And Is Under 50.
SusiskiGuy:Do you Know Anybody That Knows How To Make Kick Ass Laouts AND actually listen to my problem & knows wut they are doing?

Harleygurl:Add LaLA...Shes A Total MySpace Whore..She Could Probally Help You

by Leslie Leighanne September 29, 2006

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