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Slang term to describe only the worst kind of criminal. Ferocious, unrelenting, hardcore, psychotic crazy person. Feared by even the most notorious of mobs and mafiosos, a Myrtle, often serves as a type of hired gun to "take out the trash" when all others have failed, but usually works for free simply for "the love of the kill". In some countries a myrtle is regarded as a myth due to it's ability to stay "under the radar" leaving no trace of it's devoured victims. No Myrtle has ever been convicted of a crime due to the tendancy of witnesses to disappear.
Pissing off a Myrtle is a deathwish.

Mob Boss 1: Hey Joey! The iceman screwed up the job!
Joey: Get me the Myrtle....
by hotturner February 03, 2010
Surf Ambassador Hendo slang term for an attractive female whether her attraction is physical, creative, mental, psychological, or hypothetical. Basically, a stone fox!
Frother: Dude, did you check out Rashida Jones in the latest myrtle monday?

Rando: Who in what?

Frother: Yeah I know, she's a total myrtle!
by Surf Ambassador Hendo March 21, 2011
southern slang synonym for vagina
my myrtle itches but i don't want to scratch it in public.
by stephanie anne August 31, 2007
Another term for a nigger
Did you see that myrtle pissing on the train earlier?
by Ooodle October 31, 2014
The act of screwing a Mexican Chick from behind while in a warm climate, pulling out and only managing three minutes. In the act of doing so, you scream I am the wizard.
When I was on vacation I was pulling a Myrtle.
by Chris Mark September 10, 2007
a boys name :p not a girls name as many VERY stupid people may think.
i LOVE myrtle moo the cow...>>>>HE<<<< is sooo fit
by kathythesmexygirl March 23, 2008