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Going to Myrtle Beach with no other intention than drinking your face off and acting in a reckless manner. The way of life for many college kids on Spring Break or Dead Week in Myrtle Beach.

Side effects include loss of all money/dignity, and late night visits to Hot Diggity Dogs.
"We had a great time getting Myrtled all week"
by Swine Fluu May 19, 2009
1. To be ripped off or cheated.

2. When nothing goes your way.

3. Being stood up.

Comes from the English word, "Myrtle Beach", a place that causes nothing but aggrevation.

see also fucked, screwed, shafted.

Ex.1 After realizing that your scheduled booty call was not going to show up, you got myrtled.

Ex.2 We were supposed to have a tee time at noon, but the course myrtled us.

Ex.3 That taxi driver tried to myrtle us on the price, so I told him to get the heck outta here.
by Russ Cersosimo May 02, 2007
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