A gorgeous man that will make you weak in the knees when he locks eyes with you. He is of czech heritage, has beautiful thick dark hair, amazing eyes and is tall and lanky, with impeccable style. You will be pleasantly surprised that his gorgeous looks don't equal a cocky personality. He is humble, intelligent, open-minded, big-hearted and thoughtful. He is an artist from Northern California and has a smile you'll never forget. Amazing conversations that will leave you craving more. He has a presence about him that makes both men and women do double-takes in public. He will leave you guessing about his feelings for you because he is very reserved and calculated. It's hard to win over a Wilder, but he's worth trying, he's a gem!
Wilder is someone that every guy wants to be, and every girl wants to be with. If you can win a Wilder's heart, you are a very lucky girl indeed.
by coppergirl August 05, 2011
A silly man who used to have an epic beard but still provides epic things on twitch steams
I watched this amazing GOD of a stream the other day, check him out over at

by OctoberRiot June 02, 2016
Rural areas where one has sexual relations with someone they'd be embarrassed to be seen with.
(Friends Mom to me). Meet me in the Wilders out back of the feedlot at 9 tonight.
by Vandespammer September 06, 2016
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