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Muss Bus

Derived from the Latin word of Musser and describes one that takes a luggage cart and rides it around as if he were the conductor on a train.
Jason: Is that really Patrick pulling a Muss Bus and really trying to pick up Cd while he is honking his horn.
by bix299 February 04, 2010
1. Is when a guy enters the health profession working on people's teeth while he chews a fatty.

2. It is when you allow yor car to drift into a water ditch because you can't apply your brakes.

3. It is when you obsess about your kankles.
1. Um sir, is that mint flavor chew I smell? No m'am it is the mint flouride you are about to get on your teeth.

2. Scott did you see brent, he pulled a muss bus, the police found his car in the canal.

3. Hey Brad, are my kankles exposed with these shoes?
by djelectrolyte February 05, 2010
trying to pick up a girl whose teeth are so bad that even the dentist turns her away because they are that bad.
Billybob- Is that brent again pulling a Muss Bus and going after THAT girl. Even the dentist can't help her
by bixler299 February 05, 2010

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