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Vibrations that are, have been, or potentially could be heard by a listener. Generally formed by a cognizant composer, with motives ranging from mathematical beauty to "shout outs" to said creator's "niggaz".
So, John Cage, GG Allin, Wesley Willis and Tupac are at a café in Hell exchanging their infinate musical (adj.) wisdom among themselves...
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Ruined by MTV
We must save music
by Shaq November 07, 2003
10623 970
Mankinds Grestest Acheviment.
Music is perfection.
by Red Hot Chili Pepper September 09, 2003
5846 605
Something the world would be lost without.
Music is life.
by Matt April 16, 2004
5565 437
Indefinable by words alone. It is not only something you hear but what you feel. It is something your soul can reach out and touch. It originates from all over the world since time began. Complex or simple, fast or slow, loud or soft. It is what you feel, or it could be your method of escape or it could just keep you alive.

All music is miraculous.
“That's the beauty of music. They can't take that away from you.” ~Red~ -The Shawshank Redemption
by Friendless December 10, 2004
3219 358
It's not something that you can just record and manufacture onto a CD and sell for $21.99.
by yup July 22, 2003
2619 368
the one language spoken by all cultures,sex's,races,and anything else that at one time or another in history has had a hard time purely because of belief
white guy:i'm white i like led zeppelin

black guy:i'm black me too
by Chalkie February 27, 2005
1885 270
The life force
I would cease to breathe without music.
by anonymous June 10, 2003
1840 251