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An versatile term that can be used to express just about any emotion. Some more common usages:

Pain: MURG!!! D:<
Happiness: Muurrg ^.^
Boredom: Murg...
Anger: ...MURG! MURG, murg, MURG! MURGmurgMurgityMurgMur...
Excitement: Murg!!! :D
Thought: Murg.
Person 1: Hey, I got a package from FedUp! :D
Person 2: What's in it?
Person 1: Idk :/ *rummages through box* It's pie! MURG! ^.^
by OmnomLikesPie February 09, 2014
A combination of 'meh' and 'urg'. Used to express frustration or discontent.
Murg, i dont wanna do my homework.

Or simply: murg.
by lalalalalalaland September 26, 2009
the only word worse than "fuck" when refering to something as "fucked up"

it could also mean "gnar" in a positive way, but only for the gnarliest of gnar, burlest of burl

could also be used as a derogitory name, a "murger"
it was hella murged up
you murgy
by turf burrito May 28, 2011

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