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A noun.
Said "muh-nt ur-ree".
This is a ghetto version of "Mount Airy", or Mt. Airy, Maryland, occasionally used by those who actually grew up or currently live in Mt. Airy. Used by all races.
(Anyone who isn't from Mt. Airy shouldn't use this slang.)

People from Mt. Airy get looked at weird when they say it, but they don't care because that's where they grew up or currently live. If you aren't from Mt. Airy, why the hell would you want to get looked at weird for saying the name of a place where you don't even live?! Don't say it.
I'm from Munt Uury, yo. Represent!

I be reppin' Munt Uury, playa.
by proud CaCo chick October 25, 2006
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