quite the opposite, actually
"get a job and a proper haircut"
by kettle June 04, 2003
The act of using a mug purchased from UrbanDictionary.com in order to appear hip and clever.
You see that guy at the Starbucks table by himself? He brought in his own mug that looks like he bought from UrbanDictionary.com. He's totally muggin to try to get laid or something.
by MobyNickster August 25, 2009
A word used mainly in the south to decribe a person's ugly looks.
Mayne that bitch muggin...I'm about to serve his ass!
by Veal November 21, 2003
To lose badly in a videogame. To be robbed by the opposing team of property or things of value.
Player 1. Take that gun from thatmother trucker he dont need it no mo.
Player 2. fo' shizzle my nizzle
by Bill November 12, 2003
When church people go to your door and hand mugs to you in the morning or at night, but not inbetween.
That church group gone muggin!
by www.eternalsoldiers.net November 17, 2003

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