adjective; to be idiot like or to greet
what a muggins,
allright muggins
by Joe January 18, 2005
Someone who ends up broke, after marrying a gold-digger.
Ha ha ha ha! She's spent all his money in six months! What a muggins!
by Scotty April 06, 2003
A term used by an angered black woman(most likely a large black woman), when her purse or other belongings have been stolen from her.
Come back her' ya muggins!
by D-Smith November 26, 2010
Deep Fried Farts
I wanted to play a joke on Tim so I wrote muggins on his shopping list.
by RackEmWillie January 22, 2009
To claim ownership of something.
A synonym for shotgun, or dibs.
"Muggins the front seat!"
by SuperMuggins October 15, 2006
verb~ slang. The act of insulting another.
Used mainly in the south of England.
Are you muggin' me off mate?

She's proper muggin you off.
by Funi January 20, 2006
a skivvy, a cleaner
get muggins here to do it!
by scampi fodder June 05, 2003

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