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An optional rule in cribbage where a player is entitled to claim points in an opponent's hand if that person doesn't claim them.
I call Muggins on that 3-4-8.
by cribbage guy March 29, 2004
19 16
Someone who dose stupid things without reason
well done MUGGIN'S
by SuperShoulder November 15, 2011
1 1
When a group of guys at a party fill up a solo cup with beer and head outside. Once outside, a mantalk occurs followed by a chug. Thus a mugg has occurred.
Bro where we muggin tonite? Zig's all day bro.
You down for a mugg? Yeah I'll be out after this game of 21.
by IPB11 March 18, 2011
10 11
Ugly and undesirable in any way. Disheartening in appearance. Broke-Ass.
That sweaty girl with the bedazzled denim skirt is completely muggins.

Check out the muggins bartender in the tube top. She has a tongue ring and an outy bellybutton.

This traffic is totally muggins.
by jayt87 May 10, 2009
19 21
a mug or a person acting like a mug
if a clumsy person like santiago drops a mug u say ' pick it up, muggins
by Daniel.C January 18, 2008
8 14
To claim ownership of something.
A synonym for shotgun, or dibs.
"Muggins the front seat!"
by SuperMuggins October 15, 2006
2 10
an msn dynamic display picture.
"w00t check my muggins out... its got fire in the backgroud"
by xhi March 18, 2005
0 8