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Italian mob slang for Shut Your Face or Shut Your Lips.
While breaking the legs of a business associate, Two-tonne Tony was begged to reconsider his actions, to which he replied "You shut uppa you face."
by SuperMuggins October 12, 2006
A phrase that is used to politely ask a person to refrain from speaking.
See Shut Your Face.
Stimulation: "You're bleeding from your head!"
Response: "Shut your lips!"
by SuperMuggins October 12, 2006
sex without the use of a condom. Usually results in unwanted pregnancy.
Jon Hopkins is the result of pro-free sex.
by SuperMuggins October 11, 2006
To claim ownership of something.
A synonym for shotgun, or dibs.
"Muggins the front seat!"
by SuperMuggins October 15, 2006
A specific crew of young men, who wear clothing, skateboard, and quite often ruckus.
Guy #1-"Who the hell were those guys?"
Guy #2-(spitting out blood) "I think they were the Super Best Friends"
Guy #1-"Oh my fuck"
by SuperMuggins October 14, 2006
Resembles a quickie, but a male can do it on his own.
Bill couldn't even find a swamp donkey at the bar, so he snuck into the bathroom for a quick yankee.
by SuperMuggins October 15, 2006

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