Another word for a mouse
I found some terds on the kitchen counter. I hope we don't have a muffy in the house...
by Trixiejones January 31, 2008
An act of cunnilingus. (Cunt-licking)
"Oh, Scotty! Give me a muffy, darling!"
by Bean-o April 30, 2003
The foam part covering the ear piece on headphones. Most used when the part falls off the headphones.
Hey bro, have you seen the muffy? They fell off the headphones/
by kelita October 29, 2003
She is a cute little kitty who goes MEOWPURRR.
Muffy says meowmeow give me food.
by kate June 03, 2004
drag queen
Look at the mustache on that muffy. Sick...
by smacks July 23, 2003
a huge hairy beast of a man, with a large large cock. He who invades women's twats and leave them sticky
"ohh myy god muffy is humping your sister"
by twatstick April 08, 2003
a fluffy puppy whose name is muffy
"come here muffy! come on boy!"
by blackcherry November 25, 2004

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