A term used by males to describe a girl who is ugly yet many other males still continue to have sex with her
Guy 1: Guess who I just banged?

Guy 2: Uhh Rachel?

Guy 1: No! I did it with Tiffany

Guy 2: That muffy chick?..... I'd bang her too.
by Th3lawmak3r76 October 03, 2012
A slang term for a homosexual of diminutive stature, who usually is out of shape and bald. Most muffys have what is known as a "muffin top". Can usually be found in the company of small hairy creatures known as cockmonsters.
Justin: man Hugh is turning into a muffy.

Nate: yeah I saw him driving a cockmonster around the other day.

Justin: that's all the proof I need.

snitch queer homosexual butt pirate
by Me72476 May 12, 2011
"muffy" (or muffin top familiaris) as named by Sir Paul James on his recent trip to the anglo americas - A "muffy" is a woman of anglo persuasion who is clearly rotund and known for her "muffin top" accenting her already curvaceous body shape.
For those who enjoy a woman with a proper "muffin top" it is a delight to locate a genuine "MUFFY" in cosmopolitan areas as they are known to normally isolate themselves to their area of origin (Connecticut).
Hey, Tom I noticed your taste for Rubenesque women wearing J-brand jeans 2 sizes too small. I located a genuine Muffy (top and all) over at Norwood. I'm sure you will be busy sinking your teeth into that for days.
by masherdashersplasher02 November 04, 2010
When it's overly warm/hot either indoors or outside. Sometimes brought on by wearing to many layers. Can even be used in hot tub/sauna like situations when you actually knew it would be hot before you went in. Sometimes like actually being trapped inside a giant muff
Guy1:"Fookin hell it's well muffy in here - can't you open a window?"
Guy2:"I did but its muffy outside too!"
Guy1:"I think i may die from the muffyness!"
by McBevan April 14, 2009
a homosexual man; feminine male; soft dude; transvestite; loves men; a gay man that dances like beyonce
look at that muffy at the gay bar dancing like beyonce!
by ongibaby October 25, 2009
pussy slang for vagina
I gotta shave my muffy
by Brianne1234 January 11, 2007
A muffy is a sneak attack sexual maneuver. While you're going down on a girl you breath in deep and blow all the air you can muster up into her vagina. Then firmly place your hands on her stomach and press down. The desired effect is a whoopee cushion style queef.
Warning : it is strongly recommended you pull your face away before pressing down.
I gave this girl a muffy and my room still stinks.
by princethatho May 19, 2009
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