It's a Jersey thing.
John: Hey man what's a Muff Cabbage?
Tom: A what?
Guido: Yo man! it's a Jersey thing!
John and Tom:What's does it mean?
Guido: It's a jersey thing
John and Tom: -____-
by dyck-ryder October 15, 2010
Muff cabbage has no real meaning behind it. It was created by South Park in order to make the "It's a Jersey Thing" episode more ridiculous.

This was originated in South Park's Season 14 Episode 9.
Yo, get ya dirty muff cabbage outta here ya garbage!
by Dood Dood October 15, 2010
The muff is the vagina and the cabbage is the gunk that a nasty hoe gets rotting inside her vagina. Such as old semen, STI's, infections of sorts, inside the vagina.
Bitch, dont talk about my family!!! You got muff cabbage you nasty cracker, and your grandma is muff cabbage!!!
by CrackerHoe October 14, 2010
Its a jersey thing.
Guy: you got muff cabbage!

Girl: What?

Guy: its a jersey thing...

Girl: douche.
by cjdoh October 13, 2010
It's a Jersey thing.
You ain't nothing, you muff-cabbage
by Irish ladies November 12, 2010
Many Jersey people would refer this word as a woman's vagina. You wouldn't understand its a jersey thing.

used in season 14 episode 9 of south park aired 10-13-2010
by take52 October 16, 2010
The way the idiots on the popular Jersey Shore reality television show say "Muff Garbage." Muff is, despite the way the Jersey Whore's use it, is a polite way to say vagina.
Snooki: Don't call my man orange! You're nothing but muff cabbage!
by Deathbypiano88 October 13, 2010

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