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A term originated in New Jersey to put down an opposing Jersey bitch in an argument. Many people do not understand what this means, but then again...

It's a Jersey thing.
Jersey Whore 1: Are you insulting my family?
Jersey Whore 2: Shut up ya gabage!
Jersey Whore 1: No, ya gabage ya cabbage muff!
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by dickmasterflex October 13, 2010
The act of making someone believe a joke, statement, etc. is true, while it is in fact completely fake.

Usually the person being januaried will try very hard to figure out what the person meant, making them look like a complete and utter idiot, as they meant nothing. Added people who are in on the january will add to the hilarity.
The most common use of the term is through the "January Joke":

Person 1: Yo, what month comes after June?
Person 2: July?
1: Are Julying to me?
2: Ha ha ha very funny.
1: Ok listen to this one: What month comes after December?
2: January.
1: Are you Januarying to me? *Everone "in" on the joke starts laughing*
2: (Embarrassed) What? I don't get it. What do you mean?

When someone is found out:

Person 1: Dude I brought home like 20 chicks last night man!
Person 2: Yeah right, you're januarying me...
Person 1: Damn you got me.
#january #jan #januarying #januaried #julyin #fake joke #josh
by dickmasterflex September 20, 2010
A synonym for doing something extremely fast.
Person 1: Man this shit is taking forever to do!
Person 2: Dude no way, I finished that last night in 2.3!
#2.3 #two point three #fast #quick #exaggerated
by dickmasterflex September 20, 2010
1. Someone who says something about reading a book, resulting in him being a complete nerd and ultimately a Bookworm Johnson.

2. One who pours over numerous tomes with great frequency. (<-omg what a Bookworm Johnson!)
Person 1: "Yeah, I read a few pages of it the other day."
Person 2: "Oh my god you are probably the biggest Bookworm Johnson I have ever met in my entire life!"
#article #word #reading #books #words #magazines #newspaper #lame #nerd #reader
by dickmasterflex January 11, 2012
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