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A female who chases after, and typically performs sexual favors for male athletes, regardless of his looks or skills.
Did you see? That jersey whore Stacey woke up in the 4th string quarterback's room this morning.
by soccerajr January 21, 2007
A person who obsessively Tweets, talks, and makes facebook status updates about the show "Jersey Shore" as it is on air.
Person 1: did you see how many facebook updates Kelly had tonight?
Person 2: I know!! she is such a Jersey Whore!
by Kevdawg42 February 10, 2011
Someone who watches Jersey Shore.
Often awaits it in excitement
I cant believe how many Jersey Whores watch that awful crap. A lot of bitch about how these smucks are famous and then promote it.
by Parth S Patel March 10, 2011
A girl from the state of New Jersey who is a whore.
That girl was such a Jersey Whore.
by You make me miserble June 17, 2008
A female who gets an athlete's jersey to wear to a game, after she performs no strings attached sexual acts with him.
Alesia is a jersey whore because she slept with the disgusting looking full back just to wear his jersey!!!
by ihaabbos August 01, 2007
When referencing your friends as annoying Hershey shore characters. Or when u call a ho wanna be
Hey Jersey whore u should flash as the girl walks away u yell Jersey whore
by kentiscoolz January 07, 2012

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