The swapping of shit from mouth to mouth. The equivilant to snowballing but with shit.
Dude: How'd your threesome go last night?
Buddy: Started off good but them chicks got freaky! They wanted me to shit in their mouth!
Dude: Word?!??! Did you d it?
Buddy: Sure did!! And they spent the next 5 minutes doing a mudslide!
by 2FlyWiteGuy June 17, 2011
when someone defacates on anothers head or body and urinates on said defacation to create an effect of a mudslide down ones person.
dude i was with this german chick last night, and she wanted me to shit on her face, then piss on it! total mudslide!! nasty!!
by greasy monkey February 12, 2011
The act of doing a girl in the butt, then pulling out and jizzing in her mouth, then she spits it into you ass and you fart it back out into her face/mouth
dude, i totally watched you mudslide that chick last night..thats the last time i pass out next to you
by Beezy Status November 11, 2010
to releases feces onto another man's penis while it is enthrusted in the former's anus.
Tyler Dawson gave so many mudslides that his penis looking like a chocolate banana
by MeriamWebster2000 August 04, 2007
when you fuck a bitch after shitting and not wiping you then immediately slide across her body on your ass while your both sweaty to get out of bed.
"i left a rocky road mudslide on that bitches stomach and left the room before she noticed."
by pete burns September 15, 2007
Taking a diarrhea shit, while you are doing a nude hand stand. It is standard practice to yell, "MUDSLIDE"!, while shitting on yourself.
I walked into my roommates bathroom and he was giving himself a mudslide in the tub.

Dude this chick took me home and totally freaked me out; when she gave herself a mudslide in the kitchen.
by Nathy April 12, 2008
When a couple is actively engaging in intercourse and the guy accidentally slips out but keeps going with the motion and jams his penis up her asshole.
Joey accidentally mudslided me and now my butt is sore!
by Janet O'Malley June 07, 2007

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