When you have diarhea and when poop slides down your buttcheek.
I had really bad diarhea and there was a warm mudslide down my buttcheek
by john capricorn June 05, 2006
When your butt-fucking a chick and she shits on your dick when you cum, thus making a mudslide.
Chick 1: "So did you fuck that prick last night?"
Chick 2: "Yeah. He slapped me around some so I gave him a mudslide 'cause he was pissing me off."
by Stufma Cokiner August 02, 2010
During 69 the top rider begins to slowly shit, the bottom receiver watches at is slowly slides down the ass and lands on the face, it creates a mudslide with a soft landing.
Dude, my tongue was all in her pussy until she pulled out the mudslide and it landed on my eye.
by Mechy20 July 13, 2006
a really slow day at work and a girl with a nice ass brought this one together..Doing it in a girls butt pulling out before the guy blows it pull out and shoot it on the small of her back and watch the mudslide begin down the crack of her ass.
i met this girl at a bar and asked her if she wanted to come back to my place and have a mudslide, little did she know what she was in for when that man-juice was sliding down the crack of her ass.
by Tino November 22, 2004
Rounding up a large collection of niggers and pushing them down a hill/steep drop.
"LOL I started a mudslide over the grand canyon yesterday"
by Coonting July 12, 2008
a combination of anal felching and snowballing. ejaculate is sucked out of the anus and then passed to the partner's mouth.
Joseph loves the mudslide, he eats that shum like it's yogurt.

Tash wanted me to mudslide her, but i was like 'no way, your ass is so loose it mudslides my balls.
by Torched May 25, 2005
A form of diarreah. Explosive at exit, procceeds to run down to the legs unless whitey tighties are used in which case it fills the excess pouch.
Dont eat any more of that carmel popcorn unless you want a mudslide.
by henny March 31, 2005

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