It's when u take a shit in a vagina then bang her therefore making a muddy slide down both of you.
Haha dude I totally gave my chick a mud slide last night!

Was it warm?

Hell ya dude it was awesome!
by The chosen one # 2 June 21, 2009
Right after sex, take a shit on a girl's chest and cum on your shit. Then you watch your cum-shit go down her chest!
She really likes when i give her a mudslide
by Mudslide experts April 23, 2008
A pancake ass that sags to the point where it appears fat.
I heard you talkin' 'bout my ass back there! Which one a'you said it was a mudslide?
by Robert GP November 19, 2007
When a person has explosive diarrhea which is used as lubricant for a session of anal sex (aka. ass fuck)
I poured a bunch of laxatives into her coffe without her knowing and that night we had a mud slide.
by OSUDamian October 03, 2006
The real definition of a mudslide is= when you fuck a chick in the ass, and then pee in her butt, creating a mudslide, because when she gets up after that, the shit and piss all slides down her leg.
I hear California has lots of mudslides.
by RapscallionATX July 13, 2006
When u anal fuck a chick while she diarreas all over your cock
by yanzo June 05, 2003
when someone defacates on anothers head or body and urinates on said defacation to create an effect of a mudslide down ones person.
dude i was with this german chick last night, and she wanted me to shit on her face, then piss on it! total mudslide!! nasty!!
by greasy monkey February 12, 2011

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