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A mud slide is when at least 6 males enter each other from behind, complteting a full circle. Every other male thrusts to the same rythmn, while their forward and backward counter part thrust to a diffrent rythmn. Women are allowed to particapate with a strap on dildo, as long as they are entered in the anus, and the dildo isn't obscuring that orrafice. One organization uses the mud slide to further humantarian causes (See mud slide for peace.)
CJ: "Hey jeff you wanna do homework tonight?"
Jeff: "No dude I'm going to go butt fuck 5 other dudes in a circle."
CJ: "You know that's called a mud slide right jeff"
Jeff: "Wait someone named this?"
by ninjer January 16, 2007
A question you ask a friend when you catch their eyes buried in a black/latin girls large chest.


Cuz your eyes were buried in that chicks chest?
by Gen. Kumar August 05, 2009
when you are giving a girl anal and you proceed to pull out turn around, and shit on the girl (or guys) asshole and push it into their butt with your penis
man there was one massive mudslide the other night
by grnokbvo September 07, 2008
when u perform an atomic bomb while you have diarrhea and someone is on toilet
the other day i climbed on top of the stall like a ninja dropped a mud slide
by Josh Mc June 16, 2006
When you are receiving head from a girl in a situation in which she is on her knees and you are standing up, you take her head and shove it close to your stomach, then you shit all over her torso.
So I was getting head from Jessica last night and I mudslided all over her!!
by Cozanoackby July 25, 2011
It's when u take a shit in a vagina then bang her therefore making a muddy slide down both of you.
Haha dude I totally gave my chick a mud slide last night!

Was it warm?

Hell ya dude it was awesome!
by The chosen one # 2 June 21, 2009
Right after sex, take a shit on a girl's chest and cum on your shit. Then you watch your cum-shit go down her chest!
She really likes when i give her a mudslide
by Mudslide experts April 23, 2008