When a male shits on a woman's chest right before he titty fucks her, creating a mudslide on her chest while she is getting titty banged
Hey babe you want a dirty mudslide
by Tuff cake jake July 07, 2012
When a man is performing anal sex on a woman, and in the middle of the act, the woman experiences a bout of explosive diarrhea.
Guy One: So how was that girl from the bar last night.

Guy Two: Don't ask.

Guy One: It couldn't have been that bad.

Guy Two: It wasn't until we experienced a major mud slide.

Guy One: Gross!!
by Sedative25 July 08, 2013
To take a frothy defecation on the face and/or chest of another person and let it slide down their body
Jason and Carol were getting intimate.
Carol: I really want tonight to be special.
Jason: Can you say...mudslide?
by Jace Narcast July 31, 2012
the brown trails on the toilet bowl after flushing a very dense turd
walter took a massive dump and left the bowl full of mud slides
by jr December 11, 2004
When a Milky Way (or equal nougat type candy bar) is placed in an anus and then eaten out of the anus it becomes called a mudslide.

(This may also be know in some circles as the "Dirty Torrez." The two are synonymous.)
Lets take this to another level with a mudslide.

Who wants to mudslide with me?
I had a great mudslide last night.

by ECJEDI April 07, 2014
When a woman kisses a man immediately after Ass to Mouth.
I was in heaven that she did ass to mouth, but I was not expecting the mudslide finish!
by Sparky Hedgehog April 07, 2010
Before sex a male eats a whole plate of brownies by himself and holds it in then just before intercourse he takes a laxative. During sex the male begins to have diareah in the girls mouth, it will overflow and run down into her vagina like a mudslide, where u then proceed in fisting her asshole until shit erupts out of her asshole. mudslide
Dude, i just ate a whole thing of brownies think im gunna give my girl a mudslide
by hornymom210 March 06, 2014
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