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Coward... Cowardly... Wimp... Wimpy
That punk won't fight because he's a little chicken shit
by Tino September 01, 2003
1) A masterbation which is performed under circumstances of extreme sadness, to such an extent that the masterbater cries.

2) A masterbation which is had because the masterbater is so sad that a wank is the only way to cheer him up.
1) Chaz's wank was so upsetting that it became a wanky cry, and brought tears to all three eyes.

2) So upset at having just been bummed by Cuddles, Dave Walker had a wanky cry to ease the pain.
by Tino January 29, 2006
is an ass that is better than all asses in the land.
DAMN girl your ass looks ASS-TACULAR in that thong.
by Tino June 01, 2004
taking it in the butt
so i met this girl on spring break and went poo-hole pluggin.
by Tino June 01, 2004
1) piss take jewish slang used by the ignorant as a vaguely offensive and anti semitic form of address and acknowledgement.

2) Expression of delight in relation to something jewish.
1) "Pagey, shalom"

"ya kapish"

2) "hey have you seen this wicked new skull cap?"

"Ya Kapish!"
by Tino November 26, 2004
1. A person who displays all the qualities of a Jewish person, whilst receiving triple anal penetration

2. A bummer who displays all the qualities of a Jewish person, but triply so.

Graham Bates is a triple bum jew.
Graham Bates is a triple bum jew
by Tino November 24, 2004
a really slow day at work and a girl with a nice ass brought this one together..Doing it in a girls butt pulling out before the guy blows it pull out and shoot it on the small of her back and watch the mudslide begin down the crack of her ass.
i met this girl at a bar and asked her if she wanted to come back to my place and have a mudslide, little did she know what she was in for when that man-juice was sliding down the crack of her ass.
by Tino November 22, 2004

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