1. much like a rim job mud bogging consists of eating out ones butthole, however the act of mud bogging is making fart noises and vibrations with your mouth on the sphinxter.

2. the opposite of motorboating.
did you eat out her ass?

hell ya man i was mud bogging all night long!
by HNGSOLO July 31, 2009
Top Definition
1 event in the rednek olympics consisting of vehicles going through mud holes
im going mud bogging to see how powerful my truck is

by Brandon Spence August 30, 2003
Like motorboating except between the cheeks.
I went mud bogging on that hoe!
by ATLdiggs August 26, 2008
To motorboat another persons ass cheeks as you would a woman's breasts
Yo, I heard Jon went mud bogging with Cindy last night! He was motor boating that butt hole.
by Scrotamus September 11, 2014
Shitting on a girl's chest and then motor boating her.
"Hey baby, I have to take a huge shit so bad, wanna go mud bogging?"
by lgbitchassholecuntfaggotslut July 07, 2013
slow deep penetrating anal sex
Mark- ''hey you like mud bogging Rene?"
Rene- "I like to play in the mud, but I think you guys like it more."
The act of shitting yourself about the pants.
1) Dude WTF I think that guy just mud bogged himself!
2) Lastnight I was hittin mad skins. That bitch was so good I ended up mud bogging the bed.
by infoguys June 26, 2013
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