to mud fuck
hey babe wanna muck with me tonight?
by lingjongtongshmongfongderk January 17, 2009
To take, or smoke, magic mushrooms (and trip out on them, as is the case with such things).

"mucks" refers to shrooms.

Reece just ate some mucks earlier, and is running around naked in the back yard.
by worldender June 05, 2007
Defines " the rich soil that is located in the western part of West Palm Beach County". This soil is used for agricultural growth and production of vegetation in this region.

The soil is a very dark (Black) and fertile for growing vegetation, and thats why the welcome sign entering the town states " her soil is her fortune".
Belle Glade, South Bay, Pahokee, Clewiston, and The Muck.
by The Tru Blue June 22, 2011
Food, usually the type you eat when you're stoned.
Yo, let's go get some muck im fuckin ripped
by ohnostoned November 29, 2010
A mixture of MDMA and Ketamine.....
Wha gwan, Bruv, u wanna try mixin sum K wid sum MUD???
Yeah, Bruv, Cack ur pant's first tho!
by Siiiizzzzzztaaaaaaa...... July 13, 2010
To lick David Baker's vagina.
Yo, I mucked Baker's box last night cause I couldn't get hard. He loved it and made me pancakes afterwards.
by The Mucker Man November 23, 2010
Irish slang for something bad like taste or smell.
Whats your favourite drink?

Ah mines Guinness all the way.

Augh I cant drink that muck, gives me the shits.
by womoma April 15, 2005

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