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Similar to that of mung. Muck however, is the putrid projectile coming out of a deceased mans member (penis) after a violent stomp to his lower abdomen.
The name formally originated when two teenage girls attempted to “Mung” a deceased woman. However the name on the tombstone was androgynous such as the name “Pat.” To their surprise they were about to “Mung” a man. While one of the teenagers stomped on the lower abdomen, the other teen’s mouth was on the ripe decaying penis. She then gargled out the substance and uttered the word “Muck.”

Girl 1: "Howd that taste"

Girl 2: while gargleing the substance "MUCK!"
by Whatureppdunn July 08, 2009
A island on the north west of scotland. sooooooo much better than knoydart! means porpoise in gaelic
im going to muck
by humpty dumty March 09, 2009
To make unskilled or experimental efforts with intent to repair, research, or refactor something. To tinker; to fiddle.
Quit mucking around with the login page, Jeff! If you break it, how are our users going to find the free pornography?
by teh.intarwebs February 02, 2008
1) To make out.
2) to fuck something up royally
"Holy fuck dude.. you should see the whale you mucked with on the d-floor"

"hey did we muck faces last night?"

"dude... you mucked er good"

"ah fuck.. you mucked that one up good didn't you"
by chucknader December 09, 2009
An ugly girl who typically looks like she has been hit by a bat. Usually a UH student.

PS watch out for the MUCK Police and if in doubt it's always MUCK.
*Walking by an ugly UH student* MUCK!
by john deere the third September 20, 2005
a unique replacement for the non-sexual meanings of the word 'fuck' that sounds really cool. also, mucked, mucking
1: What the muck are you doing? I'm really mucked now.
2: You don't wanna muck with me, buddy.
3: MUCK! I'm stuck on this mucking level!
by Hand Hanzo August 11, 2005
in poker, to fold your hand

The muck pile is the pile of discards. Once your cards are in the muck, it's all over, baby.
"When that guy raised, I figured he had the nuts so I had to muck."
by Joe Bone March 11, 2005