1) A moist, sticky mixture, especially of mud and filth.
2) Moist farmyard dung; manure
3) Dark, fertile soil containing decaying vegetable matter; peat
4) Something filthy or disgusting
1) The pigs are allowing in the muck.
2) Grab a shovel and help clear the muck out of the barn.
3) The bog is filled with muck.
4) What's that muck floating in the pond?
by Watchful-Seraphim August 20, 2006
To be a a jackass, or an idiot.
Come on muck!
by manutd12us December 31, 2008
Semen, Seminal fluid, man muck, spunk, jism, cum
I was so surprised when she put her finger up my arse, I immediately shot me muck!
by Minge wetter November 21, 2011
(n) An anacronym for "Multi User Character Kingdom" or other variations. Refers to a complex, often theme-oriented chatroom environment, similar to a MMORPG only text-based rather graphical and usually intended for online socialization. MUCKs are accessable either through telnet or specially designed programs known as "clients" (i.e. SimpleMU* or MUSHClient) and generally possess some degree of roleplaying.
1. She spends more time on the MUCK than she does watching TV.
2. Dave downloaded a client and registered for a character on the MUCK.
by discountalligator July 09, 2003
(N.)- A Slang Word For Mushrooms
That Bitch Stole My Mucks, I'm Pissed!
by Jamessssss August 30, 2006
Adjective used to describe in sexual terms what a male is going to do to a female.
Babe... I'm gunna muck your barn!
by cheesedog June 12, 2006
Food, usually the type you eat when you're stoned.
Yo, let's go get some muck im fuckin ripped
by ohnostoned November 29, 2010
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