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When one decides to place a gerbil or other small mouse up their rectum, they become a "mouseketeer." Richard Gere was one of the orginal mouseketeers.
I don't travel to West Hollywood, but I'm guessing there are many famous mouseketeers living there.

Britney Spears was a mouseketeer - i'm just sayin'
by d-e-m November 26, 2009
3 2
act of preparing a bent over female for perverted sacrament by the following: separating the crotch of her white panties, pulling them up above her ass so it resembles a white head band, having her hold 2 unwrapped moon pies above her buttocks on either side and proceeding to make out like a teenager with her anus

Usually done while at a drive-in movie theaters by couple suffering a mid-life crisis
All Mr. Jones would have been a great swimming coach but was a known mouseketeer offender.
by TinoFett June 08, 2006
6 10