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1. Often used in the recalling of sexual conquests.

2. The first step in the physical act of fornication.
Shortly after parking at lookout point, the amorous young man
mounted his date and began to ravish her.
by Pickled Dill September 16, 2010
23 15
1. Competely and utterly trashed beyond any comparison to existing knowledge
Nigga 1- "Mayne you don't look straight."

Nigga 2- " fo sho, I'm mounted."
by anonymous February 08, 2003
30 32
adj: a woman with a slim upper body and thick lower body.
that girl's hella mounted!
by ssiikak July 31, 2005
21 31
if you are mounted on something or someone you constantly talk about it/them, you are not in love with it just really obsessed for a short period of time
friend 1: oh my god she is so cool and hot, I wish I could be like her. she is also really smart.

friend 2: you are mounted.
by chamillionare13 May 15, 2009
8 24