Derived from and somewhat a contraction of mo from homo from homosexual AND tard from retard as in mentally retarded. Used derogatorily or perhaps in jest to refer to any person judged to be acting in a slow or stupid manner.
We talked to some motard who is "just the computer guy" and didn't seem to understand at all what we were talking about yet felt he was able to man the front desk of the office.
by flamedog February 09, 2004
n. A homosexual who is mentally challenged.
"Lance is a nice guy, but he's a motard."
by The Master of Don Knotts November 16, 2009
someone in the
United States Marine Corps. Who is so brain washed by stupid rules and regulations has no common sense or judge ment. Being so motivated that all normal brain functions cease and the only thing that is right is what some lazy fat E-8 or higher has told you (usually to benefit himself. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO ALL MARINES ONLY CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS WHO INORDER TO GET PROMOTED SUCK DICK OF A HIGHER RANK TO IMPROVE PRO AND CON MARKS.
"Hey, Sgt Smith got promoted by making his platoon wash the Colonel's car."
"Yeah, what a MOTARD."
by Ben Theer December 21, 2005
some who can not live without being in the military
"Z" is such a motard he can justify anything
by no-lifer May 26, 2008
an abomination of automotive design/execution.
headlights mounted into engine bay with holes in bonnet
standard wheel-gap of 6 inches
2007/2008 MINI Cooper, Cooper S, Cabrio -- the R56

your R56 is a motard
you drive an R56, you are a motard
by R50 Driver March 10, 2008
A motivated retard
"Wow, your such a motard"

by rybn April 06, 2009
The consciousness of all Siamese Fighting Fish (Betas) be they alive or dead. Motard entered into the mind of the Sting Ray that killed Steve Irwin because Motard is angry with humans for keeping Motard in stupid little bowls.
"We are MOTARD! Fear us for we are fish."
by Servant of Motard October 26, 2006

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