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a father-fucking retard (used to call a girl a name, instead of calling her a mother-fucking retard, a father-fucking retard) motard #7
Taylor is such a freaking fotard, I hope she dies, and rots in HELL!!!
by BGandAN May 10, 2005
the licking or sucking of another person's asshole
Josh just gave Sydney suckbutt!
by BGandAN May 05, 2005
another word for a penis or vagina
"man kyle's natural spring is so small, when i was looking for it i couldn't find it."
by BGandAN August 15, 2006
a really really nice person that does pretty much whatever they are told to do and would NEVER disobey the rules
Laura is a pringle. its getting freaking annoying! she doesnt know how to make a freaking mistake!
by BGandAN August 26, 2005
a hot girl's huge ass; a guy with a HUGE NICE dick
Did you see her norf?
by BGandAN May 25, 2005
a device used for masturbation clitoris
oh my god, i lost my dildo so i just used my keyboard. its so much better!
by BGandAN September 08, 2005
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