One who is Mentally inferior; a retard; a botard.

Originates from Detroit, from the nickname "Motown".
Pistons fans believe that Ben Wallace is a Motard for leaving to go to the Bulls.
by Trevor Nixson April 12, 2009
a motherfucking retard motherfucker
You are such a motard Josh!
by BGandAN May 05, 2005
one who likes motown way, way, way too much
"oh man, did you hear about skipper? she locked herself in her room with all her diana ross lp's and she won't come out! she's gonna be such a motard... her francopomposity both astonishes and disgusts me"
by DOG MUSTARD April 13, 2004
Most retarded
That hillbilly used a screen door for a gate. Isn't that just motarded?
by StaticBrain March 09, 2009
n. An idiotic person from Detroit, Michigan.

Derived from "Motown," Detroit's nickname, and "retard."
Hey, that motard wearing the Red Wings jersey just lit himself on fire!
by cp November 30, 2004
Motorcyclist (French). Known more commonly in the phrase "Supermotard" (superbiker), a powersport combing aspects of road and motocross racing.

Owing to the long history and development of this sport in France (via U.S.A.) and now much of Europe, this phrase now in common use worldwide.
Motard is the French term qualifying a driver of motorcycle.

by Bleepedybloops June 23, 2007
Derived from and somewhat a contraction of mo from homo from homosexual AND tard from retard as in mentally retarded. Used derogatorily or perhaps in jest to refer to any person judged to be acting in a slow or stupid manner.
We talked to some motard who is "just the computer guy" and didn't seem to understand at all what we were talking about yet felt he was able to man the front desk of the office.
by flamedog February 09, 2004

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