Someone who smokes weed, or mota, so often that they act retarded
"man, look at that motard try to find his car keys!"
by Metaka February 01, 2003
One who farts in the bathtub and sucks up the bubbles.
You are such a motard
by def1 April 27, 2004
Contraction for "motorized retard". A motard is a retard whose disability inhibits motor skills, limiting him or her to a wheelchair or other form of artificial locomotion.
"The motard whipped around the corner and into a trash can."
by Jared R July 20, 2003
Best scout in qwtf. Best Anti-tank in BF1942. Best mp5 in urt and overall amazing. Mo(ron)(Re)tard.
That guy is such a motard why would he do that.
by [mf]Motard May 24, 2003
1. Someone who uses one of those motorised scooters to get around west end in Brisbane.
Dave you're a complete motard and you have a carp goatee.
by rybs May 22, 2005
Retarded, stupid, imbecile. Combination of the word "Moron" and "Retard". Also French for "cycle". But mostly just used for dumbasses.
Man, that guy is such a motard.
by Walter Paisley September 26, 2008
motorcycle retard. Generally, the @$$holes you see on crotch rockets riding wheelies on the freeway, weaving in and out of traffic at insane speeds. Anybody who owns a crotch rocket.
"I hope that dumbass motard wipes out and leaves his face on the pavement."
by Teemo2001 July 22, 2008
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