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An evil, stupid, and lazy elementary teacher (6th grade usually) who steals money from her students and has all of the qualities of your most hated teacher. You can easily tell if you have a Mosser because...
1. she is overweight, has orange-ish hair, and painted on eyebrows
2. she spends more time on her laptop than teaching
3. she finds enjoyment in punishing kids for every little thing, whether they are guilty or not
Kelso: "Ugh. do you remember our 6th grade teacher? You know, the one who stole $20 from me that one time?"
Alice: "Yeah. How can you forget Mosser? She was like pure evil... i swear!"
by AliKali1996 October 21, 2011
Someone who is really annoying and stands up inside their cubicle at work while talking loudly on the phone!

Talks at lenght about themselves and how great they are.
"My god John is such a 'Mosser' all he does is talk about his recent trips abroad.'
by yawlag September 09, 2010
A green, moss-like growth on the genitals. Most commonly transmitted through anal intercourse. Symptoms include but are not limited to; Excretion of a thick, pus-like ooze and a bitter smell not unlike alcohol.
I met this chick at the bar last night. Turned out she had mossers. Good thing I didn't go down on her
by Dr. Bueller November 15, 2010
shit nasty scat babe that likes it hard n' dirty. shes one sick fuck up!
by ???????????? September 12, 2003
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