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1. An abbreviation for Michael Kelso, a character from the FOX sitcom That '70s Show.

2. An extremely dim-witted person, often male.
1. Kelso burned down the Point Place Police Academy.

2. That guy is such a kelso! He just tripped over his own feet.
by FezDork March 22, 2004
The highest level of sexyness you can acheive .... to be a sexy beats a pwn everyone at the act of being sexy
Kelly has alot of kelso, he must be really sexy
by KelsoMojito October 11, 2007
A nickname given to someone when they behave extremely stupidly like Michael Kelso, a character from the FOX sitcom that 70's show.
Me: " You just skipped YOURSELF on your own blunt"

You: " Really?"

Me: " Stop being such a Kelso"
by Nuggy510 May 25, 2010
Someone with extreme stupidity powers/lack of brain.
You know you're a Kelso when you have an incident in the cafeteria which causes your friends to call you "Tater Nuts".
by EnglishCroissant January 21, 2012
A unit of measurement used to determine the sexual willingness of a random partner. Often referred to in the context of a verb, a 'Kelso' is equivalent to a full measure. A half-Kelso would suggest that an experience has been only somewhat satisfying. Example: She sucks, but does not swallow, she is only 'Half a Kelso', She enjoys one or more digits inserted into her anus but is not a fan of full penis penetration up the pooper, she is only 'Half a Kelso'. Alternatively, if the sexual experience can be likened to a hardcore porn movie, you would use the verb to describe the situation of having gone all 'Kelso' on her ass.
What was she like? On a scale of Zero to Kelso?
by LooseCanon April 22, 2013
a pathological liar.Someone who lies about everybody and everything.
She pulled a kelso and lied about coming over
by chuckles411 March 10, 2009
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