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A good-looking, tall, athletic, smart, dorky, and funny guy who is usually an amazing boyfriend but can easily become jealous. He has a good heart and will always be an amazing friend.
"He was like the funnest guy to hang out with!"
"I know! He's totally a Jared."
by AliKali1996 October 21, 2011
1. the third and final book in the Hunger Games trilogy
-major letdown after the first two books (hunger Gmes & Catching Fire). The ending was rushed and sort of disappointing, plus the fact that some awesome characters I've come to love were killed off.

2. a combination of mockingbird and a jabberjay
-hunger games creature introduced in the beginning of the trilogy
1. It seems like Suzanne Collins got bored and just decided to sum up the entire Hunger Games trilogy in one week.

2. I'd love to have mockingjay! Those are some kick-ass birds!
by AliKali1996 October 24, 2011
1. (noun) a combination of retard and fuck.
2. (noun) someone who is so much of an idiot that a new word was made to describe how fucking retarded they are
"Oh my god, I can't even begin to explain what a fucktard he is."
by AliKali1996 October 23, 2011
a girl you should totally add on youtube... especially if you love Green Day. Her real name is Alicia and she's totally random and yeah... check out her youtube!!!
You should add that AliKali1996 girl on youtube... she's awesome ;)
by AliKali1996 October 21, 2011
a contraction of fucking and ugly used to describe someone who is... well, fucking ugly
Dude, that guy is so fugly. Eew!
by AliKali1996 October 24, 2011
An evil, stupid, and lazy elementary teacher (6th grade usually) who steals money from her students and has all of the qualities of your most hated teacher. You can easily tell if you have a Mosser because...
1. she is overweight, has orange-ish hair, and painted on eyebrows
2. she spends more time on her laptop than teaching
3. she finds enjoyment in punishing kids for every little thing, whether they are guilty or not
Kelso: "Ugh. do you remember our 6th grade teacher? You know, the one who stole $20 from me that one time?"
Alice: "Yeah. How can you forget Mosser? She was like pure evil... i swear!"
by AliKali1996 October 21, 2011
a contraction of fucking and ugly used to describe a peron who is... well, fucking ugly
Dude that guy is so fugly Eew!
by AliKali1996 October 24, 2011
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