A generic insult mainly used by white people, pertaining to someone with low intelligence
Some white person: Why'd you back into my car, moron?!
by wqefhgtrwtER456 November 23, 2006
A term of endearment, ampliphied if you say "you are a RETARDED moron", usually done when the girlfriend does something really dumb but cute at the same time.
You burned my dinner, are you a moron? Okay, let's get a pizza.
by A Moron September 21, 2006
Someone who is acting like a comeplete idioit or is a compltete idiot and seems to have 0 brainpower.

An exsample of a moron is George W. Bush
by mike!@ November 22, 2007
Person who can't be left without supervision
Bush is a moron so I keep informed. Oh wait now we both have supervision over each other. Did they get google yet?
by Ali Bashir January 31, 2006
Moron is the opposite of Lesson and has a similar meaning to Lessoff. Figure that definition out you high-IQ freaks!
When it comes to clothes, you can either put moron or take lessoff. Either way your not undressing very fast.

"LESS" is the opposite of "MOR". "OFF is the opposite of "ON"
Therefore, the double negative "LESSOFF" actually has a similar meaning to "MORON".
"LESSON" acutally has the opposite meaning of "MORON" by the same logic, as it is a single negative.
by Dr. Sarcasm July 22, 2005
Someone who doesn't understand anything.
You are a moron because you don't respect authority as a teenager.
by Enrique Wilson April 01, 2015
Someone who looks up sex in the Urban Dictionary
"What kind of moron are you looking up sex in the Urban Dictionary" - Definition of sex in Urban Dictionary
by weirdyrandommetal1977 September 11, 2014

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