1. A person who thinks that they are really smart by making a definition entry as a way to advertise their political beliefs.

2. A person who submits a definition for "Moron" that has Grammatical errors.

3. A person who makes Decisions that are disagreeable.
"Look, Another moron just submitted an Anti-Bush definition for the word 'moron'."

"Wow, Doesn't that moron Realize that 'stupider' is not a word?"

"That moron decided to go with 'Stupider' when 'more stupid' was clearly the correct answer."
by Antimaple Dame August 16, 2005
idiot :Einstein the physist who was stupid enough to think light was the fastest moving thin in the universe.
light is the fastest thing in the universe. ..yes i am a moron
by cadick5 September 26, 2011
some one who does something you just told them not to do and said if they did it that they were an idiot/stupid... basically combining all of the noncuss word insulting names.
u fucking moron! What the hell was that?
Hi Moron!
by Sexie Lexie/ Lexie-so-Sexie June 09, 2003
A person who thinks they have experience at something because they have seen others do it.

An idiot.
Hillary Clinton is a moron to think she is going to get elected.

Hillary Clinton was a moron to stay with Bill after the Blue Dress incident.
by Got Ollie? February 14, 2008
A generic insult mainly used by white people, pertaining to someone with low intelligence
Some white person: Why'd you back into my car, moron?!
by wqefhgtrwtER456 November 23, 2006
A term of endearment, ampliphied if you say "you are a RETARDED moron", usually done when the girlfriend does something really dumb but cute at the same time.
You burned my dinner, are you a moron? Okay, let's get a pizza.
by A Moron September 21, 2006
Someone who is acting like a comeplete idioit or is a compltete idiot and seems to have 0 brainpower.

An exsample of a moron is George W. Bush
by mike!@ November 22, 2007
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