One who presents themself smarter than another based not on their demonstrated higher intelligence but rather on their dislike of another individual who has different thoughts. beliefs or ideas. However, their written expression uses improper or unknown words that do not exist, thus exposing their own ignorance.
n. A person whose IQ lies between 45 and 59. Slightly STUPIDER than a retard (60-69) but still smarter than an idiot (below 45).

Bush is a moron.

by virus Mar 31, 2003 email it
by POLLUX October 20, 2006
By nature, us humans usually fear what is unknown, represents a threat or we don't understand; a moron is an individual with infinite possibilities.
Morality could come from morons.
by Anonymous May 15, 2003
its pertaining to a childish person who acts like a child even in a serious matter, morons usually give a damn about everything they always want to be the man in every situation.
moron- a childish person
by kenneth03 March 22, 2008
Plural Noun. Deliberate mis-pronunciation of Mormons (The Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints, LDS). Accurately, albeit dishonestly, derrived from the name of an angel known to Joseph Smith, Moroni.
Don't answer the door, it's the god damn morons again.
by Slagathor April 21, 2004
Can be a synonym of fucker or a general term used in reference of a image of hate or resentment. Townies and egomaniacs are morons who should die.
Look at that townie, that moron thinks he's cool.
by Moloch June 22, 2004
1) A person who lacks intellect enough to make proper sense of even the basic things in life. This usually includes politicians, nerds, geeks and any other mentally or socially handicaped people.
2) People that cannot, or choose not to define things properly because they lack common sense.
1) George W Bush is a moron; that Nerd doesn't know what he's missing....moron.
2)Moron: Moron is the opposite of Lesson and has a similar meaning to Lessoff
Not-Moron: You have to be a moron to come up with that.
by TheOnlyAce April 28, 2006
1. A person who thinks that they are really smart by making a definition entry as a way to advertise their political beliefs.

2. A person who submits a definition for "Moron" that has Grammatical errors.

3. A person who makes Decisions that are disagreeable.
"Look, Another moron just submitted an Anti-Bush definition for the word 'moron'."

"Wow, Doesn't that moron Realize that 'stupider' is not a word?"

"That moron decided to go with 'Stupider' when 'more stupid' was clearly the correct answer."
by Antimaple Dame August 16, 2005

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