a mentally challenged person
Maddison is such a mo-ron.
by your mother!!!! September 20, 2007
A lethal combination of arrogance, ineptitude and acting like a dumbass and a jackass at the same time.
George W. Bush stars in this year's hottest movie, DIAL M FOR MORON!!!
by moosehead7 October 05, 2006
One who spells badly and then tries to convince others to do so. Example.. "traveler or traveller"
That Moron can't even spell traveler.
by genuis April 19, 2006
What you are for searching this
You are a moron.
by Flyers fanatic February 26, 2015
one who lacks any sort of safe driving skill and should not have been issued a license.
(cut off in dense traffic at 65mph) *HONK* learn to drive ya fuckin moron!!
by caprice24 March 30, 2013
Often someone who is very very stupid in very serious cases or conditions. Most often found as a character or the popular web series Idiotvids.
Oh my gosh he is such a moron.
by dudemanguyguy April 15, 2010
Someone who is a Fool, a bit off a idiot, a Fool, and a bit off a twat!
"Hello you are a Moron Mr William!"

"But, But, But....No....."

by Rusty14 January 13, 2008

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