A socialistic low life.

One who doesn't understand the world around them.

One who is unable to understand, to speak or to form creative ideas or thoughts.

'Greg was unable to form a proper sentance.'
'Greg is a moron.'

'Greg forgot how to read, so his homework was incomplete, therefore Greg is a moron.'

'Greg can't understand when he has lost, because he is a moron!"
by Guy2000 June 08, 2005
One more adjective you would find to describe Donald J. Trump.
Donald J. Trump is a moron.
by aarc May 14, 2016
Someone who doesn't understand anything.
You are a moron because you don't respect authority as a teenager.
by Enrique Wilson April 01, 2015
Someone who looks up sex in the Urban Dictionary
"What kind of moron are you looking up sex in the Urban Dictionary" - Definition of sex in Urban Dictionary
by weirdyrandommetal1977 September 11, 2014
a flock of teenagers or 'tweens', usually male : a group of teenagers
That moron of teenagers over there is about to taste bacon.
by alpha_charlie_zero July 13, 2014
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