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From Morge and Gel. (a term derived from messing the first letters of Mel and George)
Term came about while under the influence and can be definded has many things.

1) - Morge and Gel being superhero and sidekick such as batman and robin!
2) - Morge is a Gum disease
3) - Morge is any other type of nasty sounding disease
4) - Morge is another type of beauty
1) - Man my house is on fire....dont worry Morge and Gel are here.

2) - Dentist told me i have to brush otherwise im gonna get morge.

3) - The tests came back to my doctor today, ive got Morge Disease.

4) - Man your Morgeous!
by Dave Morge June 13, 2007
Morge(n) To morph and merge at the same time. When two objects combine together to form a whole new object, like Sodium and Chlorine Gas forming table salt. Some people call it a chemical reaction, but whoever does is a communist. The correct term is "morge"
The Creepy Blob Monster morged into the building, creating a Blob-building!
by Jonathan Pennington January 24, 2005
adjective: when desciping something extremely cool or off the chain e.g george is so morge
george is so morge
by jeff patersin February 18, 2009

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