The president of the Mormon church. As in the Mormom Pope.
Did you hear they named the new Mope? It's going to be Monson.
by Neonghost February 16, 2009
feeling lazy or burnt after the act of smoking marijuana
"bobby smoked some weed and now he's mope as hell."

"hey sara, whats the weather like in mope city?"
"cloudy with a chance of rain"

"wanna go out?"
"no im burnt and mope as fuck"

"this is why i hate when you smoke, youre all mopey"
by potheadgirl June 16, 2010
M.O.P.E. is the term used to describe

a) Catholics in West of Scotland
b) Catholics in Ireland
c) Celtic supporters who just THINK they are Irish (Plastics)

It stands for The Most Oppressed People Ever

It refers to their irrational belief that they are picked upon by the big, bad Protestants and EVERYBODY else for that matter
"See these proddys... they pyoor think they ur better than us!" MOPE

"We huv been oppressed since the famine so we huv" MOPE

The most amusing aspect to this belief is that they do not just have an inferiority complex.... they ARE inferior. MOPE
by One of the real People September 24, 2009
A person who exposes themself to blind people----
We arrested this guy for mopery! whats that? Exposing yourself to a blind man. (Revenge of the Nerds)
by pickford April 11, 2008
To ejaculate on a woman's face. As used in City Audio's "Kent County Bitch".

See skeet
"Yeah I'm from Kent County bitch
Reppin' that 616
Where I mope a ho
With my magic stick"
by Jake Ramos June 21, 2007
1 Being sad, Pouting, Feeling Sorry For Yourself

2 What i do when the sluts raise their prices :(

3 A song by the Bloodhound gang that is retarded in a good way kuz its random and sings about the weirdest things and features Pac Man on Crack
1 Pussy: Waaa she dumped me :(
Me: Thats what you get for
asking her if she has AIDS


3 Tried to O.D. On the COLD-EEZE
Golden Girls Got Me Sweatin To
The Oldies
by Matt September 27, 2004
mope-a really funny song by the Bloodhound Gang off of the Hooray for Boobies album
Excerpt from the Bloodhound Gang song "Mope"

PacMan: Yo yo yo yo! What it is motherfuckers!
Dude 1: Aww shit... here comes PacMan...
Dude 2: Hey PacMan. What's up?
PacMan: Me, you bitches! I'm high on crack! Wanna freebase?
Dude 1: No PacMan! Drugs are bad...
Dude 2: Nope. Can't help you man...
PacMan: Pussies...*freebases crack* Whooooaaaaaa!!!! HOLY SHIT!!
by scary bear September 26, 2006

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