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adj. The mixed feelings you get when you see a movie/tv show/book/game that you didn’t really care for, but you are glad they made it anyway (the ‘meh’ that you care for). (Source: The Ugly Couch Show Geekshock #133)
”I was really GLAPPY to see the Conan movie because even though I didn’t like it, I’ll probably never get to see another one in the theater.”
by Biggshow April 14, 2013
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To be extremely GLAD and HAPPY at the same time. Some times accidentally said when your so excited that you mix both these words together.
1.) Gosh Babe you make me soo GLAPPY!
2.) Im so Glappy that you came today.
by Maritza-Anahi October 14, 2008
1)nasty sounding, smelling, tasting.. and or looking (all in a bad or negative way)
1)damn, that bitch be glappy!?

2) that shit be smellin glappy!?

3)what tha fuck? that sounds glappy...

4) this is a glappy ass waffle..

5)she has them glappy ass tities
by juicyjosh706 January 02, 2010
A word compounded by the words "glad" and "happy," used to express the feeling of either, or an especially intense feeling of gladness and/or happiness.
Mason was so glappy when Sara agreed to be his girlfriend, he nearly freaked.
by FishBear May 10, 2006
due to my speech impediment i slurred glad and happy together
i was so glappy when the ice cream man gave out free drumsticks
by Amykins7 April 17, 2008

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