Descriptive -

Moose - 1. An incredibly aesthetically challenged woman.

2. Not exclusively, but often also a grossly overweight lady, who's tight leggings struggle to harbour her morbidly obese, gargantuan thighs.

A Lady Moose has an appearance so grotesque, that bystanders often feel symptoms of nausea and general sickness brought about by any sort of prolonged sighting.
Johnny catches a glimpse of an apparently normal looking lady from behind, sporting a glamorous curled hair style just before she makes an about turn to head off the bus.

"Why this lady looks pleasantly normal from behi...Ohhhh naaa, man, naa, naa man she's a MOOSE, what a MOOSE!"

by I like Toast, the most. October 14, 2009
Plural: Moosen
The most awesome animal/beast that exists on the Earth. They could beat up a shark, shoot a terrorist from 5 miles away, and reduce your mortgage payements all at the same time! Although they are very awesome, they are still friendy creatures. Until they attack you.
Yo dude! You see that moose rip that shark's jaw apart?!

Yeah, and he also reduced the time it will take to pay off my house and/or car by 3 or more years!
by Moose Mahn September 17, 2009
What a Canadian writer, or poet, or other challenged artisan consults for inspiration.
Sometimes misspelled as Muse.
Awww, Eh... Like I'm stuck... I gotta consult my Moose, eh...
by Crow1670 February 03, 2009
The world's greatest animal. If you are called a moose, you should feel praised and loved. Moose are generally brown and have antlers. They have a leader named Mr. Moosey, if you like like, don't mess with him.
Person A:You're a moose

Person B: Why thank.

Person A:But you're ugly

Person B: Mr. Moosey! Kill him!

Person A is dead
by Incogneto April 13, 2008
A greeting

A nickname for a good friend

something to say when you don't know what else to say
a reference to Invader Zim

Sup Moose?

umm... moose!

I love that Moose from the IZ ep, Room With a Moose!
oh yea, MOOSE!
yea but i like Minimoose better from the Christmas ep.
by Doomed Moose February 26, 2006
An adjective describing something as very large, very awesome or a combination of the two.
That yard sale was moose.
This cheeseburger is so moose.
That's moose.
by Alex Hooopes September 10, 2012
That know-it all bitch that walks around the office swaying to and fro with the swagger of a drunk moose. Often with loud foot-falls striking fear into all those around.
"That moose had the nerve to tell ME how to fill out a TPS report!"
by That guy at the office. January 26, 2012

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