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A beautiful girl with freckled lips. A girl that can take your breath away with her looks and style.
Wow, check out that one, she is such a Marnie.
by The fifty August 13, 2007
a ver attractive gorgeous women who always has excellent friends around her.
i wish i was a marnie, there so amazing.
by abbie carlisle December 15, 2007
A very, very hot girl, usually wearing some kind of indie band tee. Unless you are 100% blind you WILL be attracted to her... Cause i sure am! She might be wearing glasses, but shit dont let this put you off cause she is fucking fineeeeee,.
Guy 1 - "Whoahhh that girls hottttt"

Guy 2 - "Yeah man,What a Marnie"

Guy 1 - " I hope she aint got a boyfreind"

Guy 2 - " Same..."
by BassMan0809 April 10, 2009
Marnie- a beautiful girl, who is also fiercely intelligent, but slightly, endearingly vulnerable. She generally can be seen wandering around at odd hours, wearing weird clothes and with a lad on her arm, hanging onto her every word. Basically she is exceedingly charming but watch out!
eg -wow look at her smile
-no be careful she'll break your heart! she's a Marnie

- well yeah, I'm heartbroken but I was lucky, she was a real Marnie
-that's what Marnie's are like i guess
by electricalswing June 12, 2011
A real ass nigga. Somebody who gets money and respect 24/7. Somebody you would ever want to fuck with
You ain't no fucking marnie, nigga.
by Thedangerouscrew August 23, 2016
She is extremely bitchy when you're in an argument, she always thinks she is right, even when she isn't. Doesn't care about much, but herself, very hormonal, and into boys alot. Gets jealous sometimes, can get annoyed quickly if you say something bad about her. Very rude and always has to have it her way. Likes surprises. She's generally a really nice person, but you're in trouble if she doesn't like you/ you have got into an argument. Very loud and ongoing. Likes to be heard/ known. Not very mature for her age, doesn't see things in other people's shoes, hence her thinking she is right all the time. Doesn't like it when people explain it or repeat things, although she is very repetitive herself. Quite popular, and very pretty, although she doesn't see it.
Person 1: I'm so upset :'(

Person 2: Why?

Person 1: Because I'm in an argument with someone!

Person 2: Unlucky. Is it Marnie who you're in an argument with?

Person 1: Yeah.

Person 2: God help you!
by gsd123 November 19, 2011
To be soo drunk that you kill off a great party.

Marnie'd > Mortal > Drunk

The party ceases due to a certain someone.
"Brah she's absolutely marnie'd the night!"

"Mate I was so marnie'd on the weekend!"

"Did you see that girl who marnie'd the night?"
by Mount Olympus September 27, 2011
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