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One who falls into an outhouse and as a result, dies.
Person A:Dude! You are SUCH a Kelland.

Person B: I know, my funeral is gonna stink...literally
by Incogneto April 13, 2008
The world's greatest animal. If you are called a moose, you should feel praised and loved. Moose are generally brown and have antlers. They have a leader named Mr. Moosey, if you like like, don't mess with him.
Person A:You're a moose

Person B: Why thank.

Person A:But you're ugly

Person B: Mr. Moosey! Kill him!

Person A is dead
by Incogneto April 13, 2008
The onset of exhaustion by having to quickly become accustomed to a new time based routine while fasting during the start of Ramadan.

Brought on mainly by new sleeping routines due to the early breakfast time with a probable combination of no food during the day.
Yahya looks fucking dead today but it's probably just fast lag since he's only in his first week of Ramadan.
by INCOGNETO July 25, 2015

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