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1)n. A Canadian woodland quadra-ped, has flat antlers but loses them every summer
2)n. someone who is crazy, or just said something or did something crazy
3)adj. discribing someone who resembles def.2
4)v. to play video games, to make cookies (or bake in general), have sex

pl.) moosi (mooss-î)
1)The other night i almost hit a moose.
2)Did you see him dancing? hes such a moose.
3)That was such a moose thing to do.
4)Last night i moosed with your sister. (all may apply)

pl.) Wow those weird kids are a bunch of moosi.
by Moose face...cakes October 05, 2006
the "new" word for more then one moose. made possible by morgan.
There was many mooses crossing the road in colorado.
by morgan dufoe August 12, 2006
Descriptive -

Moose - 1. An incredibly aesthetically challenged woman.

2. Not exclusively, but often also a grossly overweight lady, who's tight leggings struggle to harbour her morbidly obese, gargantuan thighs.

A Lady Moose has an appearance so grotesque, that bystanders often feel symptoms of nausea and general sickness brought about by any sort of prolonged sighting.
Johnny catches a glimpse of an apparently normal looking lady from behind, sporting a glamorous curled hair style just before she makes an about turn to head off the bus.

"Why this lady looks pleasantly normal from behi...Ohhhh naaa, man, naa, naa man she's a MOOSE, what a MOOSE!"

by I like Toast, the most. October 14, 2009
A group of females that go to several nightclubs a week, are loud, annoying and enjoying letting people know there whereabouts (at the particular nightclub) on social network websites such as facebook, twitter or myspace.
'They are the biggest bunch of mooses'
'Where did Jesse go?

I think he left with that moose'
by Ivan Milat III April 12, 2011
A wild animal with a dick the size of jeremys leg
Plural Meeses
by SwankHalo May 13, 2014
A very beautiful girl with a bright personality. Shy on the outside, and very conservative. Gorgeous, sexy and outstanding !! Loving and kind. With a personality of gold. She's an amazing lover ;)
Guy: did you see moose today ? Guy #2: Yeah she's FIINEE!!! I'd tap that. Girl: Sorry boys... shes my moose!
by ArtistTrappedWithin November 23, 2011
A large animal with antlers. See also: Jared Padalecki
What is the plural for moose?

MOOSEN! I saw a flock of moosen. There were many of them, many much moosen!
by starrilynight August 21, 2011